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2008: Annus Horibilis January 17, 2009

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The Annus Horribilis is a Latin phrase which means “horrible year”

In the year 2008 I have witnessed the ups and downs of my life

Dropping   from The List

My medals from Grade 1 to First Year

Since Grade 1 I have been a consistent member of the President’s List. Here are my awards :

  • Gr. 1 – Silver – Second Honors
  • Gr. 2 – Bronze – Third Honors
  • Gr. 3- Bronze – Third Honors
  • Gr. 4- Bronze – Third Honors
  • Gr. 5- Bronze – Third Honors
  • Gr.6- Bronze – Third Honors (Recognition Rites)
  • Gr.6- Bronze – Third Honors (Graduation Rites)
  • Gr. 6- Gold – Perfect Punctuality & Attendance
  • First Year- Bronze – Third Honors

Death of my classmate, John Roi

Death of my Great Grandmother

Upon waking up in the morning of December 19, 2008, I hurried down stairs to prepare for the Christmas Party. After finishing my breakfast, I went upstairs, wanting to relax.  So I grabbed a Reader’s Digest magazine and sat on a sofa. Suddenly I heard a loud noise! It was a siren coming from an ambulance. And it seemed that the patient inside was near-to-death. I was worried.

Later I received a message in my phone, it said “Vin, si Lola nasa ambulance, isasakay sa airplane ng company papuntang Manila”.  I’m shocked. I didn’t realize her pneumonia was that serious.

So I change my clothes for the party and went to the school. As I arrived, I act nothing was happening. I just hoped for the best for my grandmother.

Soon, a good news!! My grandmother was okay and she was transferred to a hospital in Puerto Princesa City. She was now concious and she even tried to pull the respirator from her mouth! When she was stopped by the nurses, she hit them on the head and she asked for a piece of a cake and a pineapple juice. But the doctors refused.

Two days later the luck changed! She asked for her children; Newton, Norma, Nieves, Nestor Jr., Nazar, Pat and Doris, to accompany her in her room.

On December 21, 2008, her children decided to remove the respirator and just let her rest. My grandmother Nieves, called-in a priest, Fr. Caabay, to perform the Last Rites of the Catholic Church. After the rites, they all encircled in her bed, asking forgiveness for their sins, thanking her and kissing her. After a while, she had a deep breath and peacefully died on 7:33 pm.  Her name is Carmen Miranda Gabinete, 83 years of age and wife of Nestor Gabinete Sr..